Equipment List

The camera I am currently using for videos is a DJI Osmo Pocket. I have a small tabletop tripod that doubles as a handgrip. I also use a monopod where it is convenient to do so. My editing software of choice is PowerDirector. I use Adobe Premiere Elements software for the frame grabs in this blog. Product Links

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DJI Osmo Pocket attached to a Zeadio metal mini tripod by a multi-functional adapter plate – front view.

The DJI Osmo Pocket is a great little camera streight out of the box. It comes with a slip on case, that as the name suggests, allows it to be safetly stowed in a pocket or bag. Over time I have tried a number of accessories and those on this page are the ones I have found most successful for my needs.

There are a number of tripod mounting options on the market. I like the Multi functional adapter plate because it is well made with an alloy construction. It slips on the camera and is tightened in place with a knurled screw. It doesn’t obstruct the microphone port on the bottom of the Osmo packet. The tripod mount is offset and can go to the left or right. It has a standard quarter-inch tripod thread on the bottom and top. I attach a D ring tripod screw to the top to take a home-made neck strap and the mini tripod to the bottom.

I use a Zeadio mini tabletop tripod as a handgrip as well as its tripod function. It is a metal alloy construction that looks well made and is sturdy. It is 115 mm long when folded so is easy to grip and the legs fold very close making it comfortable in the hand.

Back view showing the controller wheel accessory and Rycote micro windjammers covering the microphone ports.

The controller wheel accessory is a brilliant addition as it allows very smooth pans and tilts. You can either pan or tilt but not at the same time. A tiny switch changes the mode. I have found this can be changed successfully during filming without creating camera wobble.

Rycote micro windjammers help reduce wind noise for outside filming. As the Osmo Pocket microphones are tiny holes in a confined space there is only roon for a quarter of a windjammer pad. It is mounted with double-sided tape. Ensure the microphone hole is not covered by tape.

DJI Osmo Pocket with an adapted Yiliwit Osmo Pocket carrying case.

Having the controller wheel and tripod mount in place means you can’t use the original slip-on case provided with the Osmo Pocket. The Yiliwit Osmo Pocket carrying case is designed to hold the camera with the controller wheel attached. I have adapted the case to fit with the tripod mount in place by cutting a bit off the bottom. The case is plastic and cuts easily with a hacksaw. I then smoothed it with a file.

I have made a neck strap of black nylon cord. This loops through a D ring attached to the top of the tripod mount.

DJI Osmo Pocket with mini tripod in UGREEN Shockproof EVA Hard Drive Case.

When I am not using the camera I like to keep it safe from dust and damage with a Ugreen shockproof hard drive case. It measures 17.3 * 10.3 * 4.4cm externally and is just right for holding the camera in its Yiliwit case with the tripod mount and controller wheel attached. The Zeadio mini tabletop tripod lays alongside. There is a net in the lid that will hold thin accessories such as spare cards and the neck strap.

Selfie Stick Tripod
Selfie stick extendable to 51″ with tripod stand

There are times when a monopod with feet is really useful. I use a selfie stick extendable to 51 inches (130 cms) with tripod stand. It folds down to 14.5 inches (37 cms). The alloy construction makes it relatively light (250 grams / 9 ozs), and the tripod stand has a good spread to keep it steady, so I find it ideal for the Osmo Pocket. It is supplied with a quarter-inch tripod screw. The camera mount tilts forwards or backwards to give a convenient angle to see the screen of the Osmo Pocket.

PowerDirector editing software.

When filming is done I use Cyberlink Power Director Ultra software to join the clips together for presentation. I have version 15 which does everything I want. They seem to bring out new versions at regular intervals so are on to higher numbers now. There are a lot of good Power Director tutorials on the Internet so it is easy to learn how to use it. For basic editing, it is a matter of importing the clips I want to use and then dragging them onto the timeline in the order I want. I can then create my video with a selection of pre-set resolutions and formats. There is also an expert mode where I can create almost any editing effect I have seen other editing software do.

Osmo Pocket PGYTECH phone holder
DJI Osmo Pocket with PGYTECH phone holder

I use a phone as a monitor for the Osmo Pocket on those occasions when I want to see my subject in detail. For example, when I am taking close-ups of flowers and want to be sure the focus is on the flower and not the background. This is because there is a smaller depth of field on close-ups and it is difficult to judge sharpness on the very small Osmo Pocket screen. I use a PGYTECH phone holder to support the phone and camera. The hinged design of the PGYTECH phone holder makes it very compact when folded away. It has a tripod thread on the base so I can add my mini tabletop tripod as a handgrip.

Anker power bank with short angled USB C cable to Osmo Pocket

I carry an Anker power bank just in case I need to recharge the Osmo Pocket. I connect this with a LoongGate short angled USB C cable that enables both to fit in my Ugreen case whilst it is charging.

I use SanDisk Extreme microSDXC memory cards. They have up to 160MB/s read and 60MB/s write speeds for fast shooting and transfers.

I transfer my files to a WD Elements portable external hard drive for editing and storage. These have fast data transfer with USB 3.0.

Equipment used for my ski videos

I use a GoPro HERO 8 Black – Waterproof 4K Digital Action Camera with Hypersmooth Stabilisation for my ski videos.

I mount my GoPro Hero camera on a Stuntman chest harness for filming ski runs.

I also use a GoPro Max 360 digital action camera for ski videos as it has excellent stability and horizon leaveling.